High Quality Gourmet Nougat.



Made by master craftman



 Using traditional formulas.


With only natural products.








Our products


Our products

Nougat from Jijona
Nougat from Alicante
Stone Nougat
Toaste Egg Yolk
Guirlache Nougat
Pure chocolate and chocolate with milk



About us

Turrones Ana Sirvent born in Jijona, Alicante, the most important place in Spain where the nougat is made.

Making nougat has an ancient origin, but this production in Jijona is documented from the mid-sixteenth century. Since the beginning of the last century and especially from the 40s, with the industrialization of its production going to be replaced, along with ice cream it will be engine of the economy.

Turrones Ana Sirvent born in Jijona, Alicante (Spain) with the aim to market a series of high-quality gourmet nougat, made by master craftmen, using traditional formulas and only natural products.

The manufacture of the products is made according to the traditional method. Each ingredient is carefully selected , such as Marcona almonds from the Mediterranean shore and wild honey with rosemary tree taste, collected in the mountains from the east coast of Spain. The same determination is put in place for the production of our products, for the satisfaction of our customers so that not only can enjoy the gift, but also, remember forever the person who gave it.

Also, our company is part of the Regulatory Boardof the Protected Geographical Indication of Jijona, wich every year verifies though demanding controls that the members meet the required quality standars they need to carry the label of Jijona and Alicante in their respective nougats.

Fairs and Events

Our company has been present in different fairs and events related to gastronomy, making this tradition known even outside the Iberian Peninsula.

Annually, we participate in the Christmas Fair held in Jijona at the beginning of December. In this event the different traditions of the city and the nougat are exposed. We welcome Christmas with different activities that immerse us in this tradition, a perfect plan that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.


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Jijona (Alicante)